Buttheads come in many shapes and colors and they're not all in Florida

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Abortion for Convenience - Harassment for Control - Moralist Resigns in Disgrace

Rep. Tim Murphy, a staunch anti-abortion advocate, thought he could withstand the media furor that engulfed him after reports that he’d encouraged his extramarital lover to end her 'pregnancy'. And that was apparently the tip of the iceberg as Murphy also resigned amid growing accusations that the House Ethics Committee might have to investigate allegations  that he and his Chief of Staff Susan Mosychuk abused and harassed their Congressional office staff resulting in record staff turnovers. Murphy's wife Nan must be anything but proud and quite used to hanging her head in shame. Thank You Red States.

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Coming Soon

Thank You Red States.



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The Casting Couch Lives On
Seriously, people are 'shocked and dismayed' to find out that movie moguls still use the strong arm approach to get sex without pay? Harvey Weinstein got caught but you can bet the story doesn't end there. Less fearful for retaliation the stars will come out in groves to reveal their sad Weinstein stories, ladies to be sure and at least a few men. To be fair, the rich and powerful have to work really hard to get what they want especially if they don't' want to pay for it or get caught doing it. Truer words were never spoken by Bill Cosby or the myriad producers and casting directors that preceded Weinstein and those who will follow. Pretty girls who want to get into pictures badly enough will pucker up. Weinstein 3:16.

Placeholder imageSeptember 25, 2017

Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Jail for Showing his 'sick' Junk to Children.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) plead guilty to sexting with a minor and has been sentenced to 21 months in federal prison. With tear stained cheeks he accepted responsibility for this 'sickness' induced behavior, acknowledged that he must register as a sex offender and only asked that he be incarcerated at the Westchester Country Club to be closer to his 5 year old son. Once the darling of the young Democrats who stood on the precipice of the Clinton dynasty, Weiner just couldn't keep his wiener in his pants. Prison may spell reform.



Placeholder imageJune 15, 2017

Robert Doggart Sentenced to 20 Years over Plot to Massacre Muslims

In Tennessee, Christian minister Robert Doggart has been sentenced to 20 years in prison over his plot to massacre Muslims at a New York mosque. Doggart was also a 2014 congressional candidate. In 2015, FBI agents discovered Doggart was stockpiling weapons and plotting to travel to upstate New York to kill Muslims using explosives, an M-4 assault rifle and a machete. According to a federal investigation, Doggart saw himself as a religious “warrior” and wanted to kill Muslims to show his commitment to his Christian god. Zealot 'Yes' - Monster - 'No' according to sentencing Judge Curtis Collier. 

Doug ManchesterJuly, 2017

Write a Check
Win Ambassadorship

San Diego's own Doug Manchester, a staunch Trump supporter and multi-millionaire contributor to the Trump campaign has been nominated to be the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Papa Doug, as his friends call him, is a right wing homophobe who ironically walks, talks and dresses like the stereotypical gay senior. In appreciation for the fat check Manchester provided to the Trump campaign, the tax payers will now pay him to languish in the harsh Caribbean environment doing what all ambassadors do, party with the elite and spend our hard earned tax dollars accomplishing little or nothing.
Thank You Red States.



MichaelFlynnImmunityMarch 31, 2017

Michael Flynn - General Disgrace

Give me immunity of give me death is the tone General Flynn is giving congress as he negotiates his testimony regarding Trump's campaign and the Russians... a tone that Donald Trump is allegedly supporting. There are two reasonable explanations for all this - either Flynn is hyping the importance of his testimony by demanding immunity first and once he has immunity he is free to lie is ass off - or more likely he wants the immunity now because the ongoing investigation is soon to find out the real truth which of course no one knows but that will undoubtedly incriminate Flynn and his cohorts. Power corrupts absolutely.

Placeholder imageApril 10, 2017

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Diverting Alabama state and campaign funds to hide an affair with a staffer is the latest moniker for this despot of power corruption, soon to be ex Governor Robert Bentley. Among the charges, this Red State leader is alleged to have used state law enforcement officers to intimidate staffers and suppress news of his affair with former political adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Can't blame the Democrats for this one although his team will probably try. Was he the victim of his aging gonads or just another Bill Clinton that couldn't own up to the truth of his relationship. Resigning is a good first step. He will need all the time he can muster to keep from going to jail if the AG has his way.
Thank You Red States.

January 9, 2017Red States

Kellyanne Conway

'I Got Your Backside' seems to be the Conway credo these days. Kellyanne will defend Donald Trump tooth and nail to secure that White House advisory position she's been promised. Her ability to sense our reality seems to be as compromised as is Trump's. According to Conway - "The most vilified people right now are in Hollywood" - apparently because the Hollywood elite don't give equal time to blacks and all minorities - and 'don't judge Trump by what the world saw in the video, he has explained it 1000 times - he was not mocking Serge - he was just showing the world how Serge looks on camera'. I guess then we could say the same about Alec Baldwin on SNL ... Trump is a lucky man to find anyone as dedicated as Conway to always be there to pull his foot out of his mouth or at least explain why people think it's there.

Placeholder imageFebruary 14, 2017

Two time loser, retired general Michael Flynn quits his 23 day old job as National Security Adviser at the request of President Trump. Apparently he learned nothing about trust from his stint with the Obama administration. How arrogant to have a position of trust and power and to break the rules, lie about it and expect to get away with it. But compassion suggests that Flynn may not have known the rules or how to tell the truth correctly. Within the Trump administration, truth is apparently in the eye of the beholder and as long as you don't get caught it remains true. Kellyanne Conway knows that only too well but her protection from the truth comes in the form of 'alternate facts', something she didn't pass on to Flynn very well. He chose to go with 'I gave incomplete information' rather than saying he lied. How Washingtonian.

November 8, 2016Red States

All the Red States - Victory in the Electoral College - But What for America?

Many in this country who hold our election process dear will be re-evaluating the principles of the 'electoral college' and again explaining to the masses how getting the highest number of votes doesn't necessarily equal a winner. This election marks the second time in recent years that a president elect did not win the popular vote. Remember George W Bush in 2000? The man who cost us more than $2 trillion in the middle east because he wanted to find the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Lets thank the Red States again for another electoral college win and for Donald J Trump.

November 14, 2016George Zimmermann Coward

Justin Ross Harris - Murder by Accidental Neglect or Design.

Seriously... you strap your toddler in his car seat in your car and let him die because you forget he was there? Of notoriety, this man's trial required a change of venue because of rampant local publicity and in Atlanta, Georgia he was soundly convicted of all counts. The evidence presented was quite compelling and told the story of a young man, more than a bit of a pervert, who apparently left his 22 month old son in his car while he went to work his regular shift. The prosecution pressed that this was a willful act by Harris who was in financial and emotional turmoil. The boy died of excessive heat a cause of death that was not disputed. Surveillance video showed Harris returning to his car during the day and still did not notice his son strapped into his car seat. Even after he left work he says he didn't notice his son in the car until he was on the road and looked in his rear view mirror. Horrible, indeed. Negligent, indeed. Deserving of punishment, indeed. Intentional... only Justin knows for sure.

November 9, 2016George Zimmermann Coward

Hillary Clinton - Misguided and Cock Sure

In contests, someone wins and someone loses. Hillary let us all believe that she was going to win the race and provide America with a better alternative to Trump and Company. She was so cock sure at the last debate that she did little more than sit back and wait for Trump to implode. The polls and pundits were deceived - Hillary was deceived and with little post election doubt, it was white working class middle America whose voice was heard the loudest. Hell hath no fury as a 'female' presidential candidate scorned. After a bit of cooling off - there will be hell to pay for some of Hillary's closest and we will have to endure countless hours of pundit rhetoric explaining how they got it all wrong. Cameras are all on Donald J Trump - Hillary may now lick her wounds in private.

November 8, 2016George Zimmermann Coward

Donald Trump - A Most Spectacular Bull Shit Artist

Having spent half of the campaign trail trying to get his foot out of his mouth and the other half trying to make dragging a woman by her 'pussy' sound noble, Trump prevailed. I'm not sure what that says about America but it certainly is a scary notion. Jaws were on the floor for quite a long time Tuesday night and a major period of adjustment is at hand. In his victory speech Trump was gallant, soft spoken and quite uncharacteristically presidential. So too was his demeanor in his first meeting with Obama in the White House, at least all that we could see. Which one of his many faces will he show us next? It's anyone's guess. It is heartening to know that there are so many watchdog groups that will monitor his every move that we can comfortably sit back and enjoy the show.

May 24, 2016George Zimmermann Coward

George Zimmerman - Coward With a Florida Gun

Does it take a brave man to shoot and kill an unarmed teenage boy and then cry and claim it was self defense? Who knows in Florida where they have that farcocted "stand your ground" law... who's sole purpose is to give cowards a defensive stand. "but your Honor... he was black and wearing a hoodie - I was sure he was going to hurt be real bad..." Nice defense - quality justice in Florida for all. But to go on to mock the Martin family with his latest stunt - auctioning off the hand gun that killed Trevon seems like he is going out of his way to provoke. Zimmerman says he is going to use "some" of the proceeds of the sale to support anti- Black Lives Matter efforts and to challenge presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's "anti-firearm rhetoric." I believe his need for attention will end with someone else's version of justice.

June 13, 2016George Zimmermann Coward

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen - Monster Filled with Hate

And yet another senseless American shooting - this time by a self proclaimed Islamist radical but more likely, by a young man with serious mental health issues who was filled with hate and self loathing and believed that martyrdom would justify the uncontrolled hatred he inflicted upon the gay community in Orlando and all of America. And like always, the rhetoric about gun control will again reach the social media A list. Politicians will use this incident to further their careers and the NRA will scramble to find new ways to spin reality to preserver their power. But hate cannot be quelled by gun control. If you take away all the guns hate will find other possibly more heinous forms of expression. Love and tolerance are key and identifying individuals with mental health issues paramount to any reform.

January 19, 2016Sarah palin is smart

Sarah Palin - Smartest Woman in Alaska

OK maybe not the smartest woman in Alaska but certainly the most nationally notable for her sound and logical thinking. Supporting Trump for President may be the smartest thing that ex Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ever did. But then maybe not. The conservative right needs more than the left handed salute that you see in the picture. Between Donald Trump and now Sarah Palin and her 'tea party' intolerants, it looks like the republican party just wants to give the election to the Democrats. In her own words, "Stump for Trump so he can kick ISIS' ass." Formidable credentials indeed. Reality can be frightening. As I have noted many times, Americans are largely stupid and much like the sunflower, they don't think, they just bend toward the brightest light.
Thank you Tina Fey for helping us uderstand this complex and rationally impaired Alaskan bright light.

Everyday - President-ElectSarah palin is smart

November 19, 2015Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle - ex Mr. Subway

I always wondered how Jared lost so much weight by eating Subway sandwiches... was it the long wait while a pimpled face teenager calculated the optimum number of green peppers for his sandwich... No! ...was it some special fat burning mayonnaise hidden under the iceberg lettuce... No! Apparently it was from chasing 13 year old girls around the parking lot and off into the woods. During the sentencing procedure, Jared tried to mitigate his shame by disputing the judges remarks about the children he abused saying, 'they weren't really children they were adolescents'. Well Jared will have plenty of time to figure out what they really were as he rehabilitates in prison. The good news is that Jared still has a rather boyish face and Bubba will keep him on his toes in the big house so he won't have time to get fat again. It is sad how fame and money can corrupt even a world famous sandwich guy.

September 29, 2015

Kim Davis - Defiant and Desperate

Andy Samberg summed Kim Davis up nicely at the 2015 Emmy Awards show when he mentioned that Paula Deen would appear on 'Dancing With The Stars' this season and that if he wanted to watch a fat, intolerant woman dance he would have attended one of Kim Davis' weddings. As Kim's 15 minutes of fame wanes her crack legal team continues to try to stretch minutes by fabricating a private papal audience story and telling America that the Pope supports Kim's right to defy the law of the land based on her homophobia. And while we know the Catholic church has a high degree tolerance for many things like priestly pedophilia and women's inequality, it seems unlikely that Pope Francis would publicly or privately support Davis' bigotry. There seem to be as many versions of the alleged private meeting as there are versions of the bible.

June 24, 2015

Americans Supporting the Death Penalty

For a nation that for centuries has had "In God We Trust" emblazoned across all manner of social dogma, literally and deep within American hearts, the question of capital punishment should be a no-brainer. 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' does not exclude an eye for an eye. Yes, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother did terrible things that resulted in senseless death and destruction but as an alleged nation of Christians, how do we stand before a just and forgiving God and sentence Tsarnaev or anyone to death. How do we teach our children that killing is wrong and killing is right and that all life is precious except those that we disagree with? Beyond the moral and religious implications of killing under the guise of 'capital punishment', how have we let ourselves believe that it serves any value? Think about it. If you are a proper Christian you believe that no matter how wretched your life's choices have been you need only ask God to forgive you, and when you die, you will sit at his right hand. Muslim extremists and countless others believe that there are riches and rewards galore for slaying those whom they believe to be 'unrighteous.'' So exactly how is capital punishment - punishment? It seems to me that rotting in a prison cell for the rest of your life is more punishment than a painless, antiseptic culling. I guess it all depends on what we believe happens to us when we pass from this life. But in reality, capital punishment divides us instead of binding us, it gives little suckle to the teats of the bereaved, it makes a mockery of any claim supporting 'the sanctity of human life' and like war, it rewrites the Bible, or any fundamental belief in God, to say... "Thou Shalt Not Kill Unless the President of the United States says it's OK." Aren't we better than all that.

April 27, 2015

Back in the Limelight Again - Bravo Caitlyn

How sad and pathetic to see a man work so hard to regain minor stature in the main stream media. Attention grabbers, take note. Bruce (not the most feminine name) Jenner, once proud Olympic medalist and once removed Kardashian-in-law, is now reaching farther than most would to get his/her name back in the spotlight and make an 'honest' buck. Another woman trapped in a man's body... not original but more dynamic than just coming out gay. The proof of the pudding will come when he has his penis cut off and fashioned into a pseudo-vagina. We often hear of women turning to other women after their husbands are gone and their children are grown. It's a notable behavior that provides meaningful companionship without having to deal with a penis. Who will ever know the inner working of Bruce's mind. Perhaps he is just one more man who has become impotent and thinks it will be easier to roll on his back and fling his heels in the air. Gay or transgender - who really knows... but Republican? This is clearly a headline seeker and in respect to him/her we should just turn the other way and let him live the life he chooses. And of course his children and family support him, s/he stands to make millions selling his latest outrageous and most transformational tail. Capitalists applaud now.

March 7, 2015
Republican Congressman Don Young, Alaska

And here I thought that Alaska's own Sarah Pallin was the most notable Alaskan to talk though their ass and then comes along Congressman Don Young. And it's not like he just came along, this 22 term congressman is well known for opening his mouth and assailing his audiences with his personal gospel. In the most recent days he has told the House Natural Resources Committee that homelessness could be eradicated by taking gray wolves off the endangered species list and sending them out to our neighborhoods (to devour our homeless). One of his aids tried to disguise the pontification by saying that Congressman Young was known for his tongue-in-cheek, but his audiences only seem to get cheek. At a high school that had recently dealt with a student suicide Congressman Young told his horrified audience that teenagers committed suicide because they didn't have the love and support of their families and friends. He once suggested that drinking with others increases the likelihood of domestic abuse, and suggested drinking alone as a solution. "If you want to drink by yourself, you may do it. But when you drink together, the possibility of harm becomes greater every day..." The irony of Congressman Young is that the people of Alaska wanted a comedian to represent them in Washington and they certainly got their money's worth... if you think he's funny.

January 7, 2015

Just Because You Can Do Something...

The old adage never rang more true then it did on January 7, 2015 in Paris when Al-Qaeda forces attacked and massacred the editorial staff and their security at the provocative newspaper office of  Charlie Hebdo. Editor and principal cartoonist, Stéphane Charbonnier, who built his career on defiance and the right to insult religion, led his team to death after numerous threats from the crazy Islamists. Had Charbonnier been dealing with a rational group opposed to his reckless prattle and imagery he could have remained standing as the Norma Ray of journalistic provocateurs, but alas, Al-Qaeda is anything but rational and reasonable, and the whole world knows it. Shame on Charbonnier for being so selfish.
Even the Pope came out and said that freedom of speech does not include the right to defame and insult religion. Wish he would have commented on American political rhetoric and how lying through ones’ teeth is to them, equally protected.

October 10, 2014

Kim Jong Un - Emperor of North Korea

Out of site for several weeks now the circulating rumors are all wrong. Hobbled by experimental surgery, Kim Jong Un is recovering from attempted bilateral tibial implants. Depressed over the massive weight gain he has experienced over the last two years Un thought that if he were six feet tall his weight would equilibrate and instead of being a short fat ego maniac he would be a tall, svelte one. Unfortunately, science hasn't caught up with the demands of narcissistic extremism and Un may have to settle for dieting instead of stretching.  Party members concerned over the myriad rumors and political intrigue surrounding Kim Jong Un’s absence have been leaking their own rumors. In secret meetings with Un, Party leaders have attempted to consolidate a plausible explanation for Un’s lengthy disappearance but like all meetings in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, the Emperor pretty much gets his way. We could pray for a coup but woud the next communist be any better? Perhaps we'll just sit back and watch sony Pictures kill him off in another James Franco, Seth Rogan masterpiece.

July 18, 2014

Chuck Hagel- Secretary of Defense

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has approved the Army's recommendation to keep the Army private Bradley (Chelsea) Manning in military custody and start a rudimentary level of gender treatment. So now your tax dollars are being spent turning boy soldiers into girls. I have no issues with gender reassignment - for boys who need to be girls or girls who need to be boys... but I don't think our tax dollars should pay for it and particularly not for convicted felons serving hard time.
"Stress related to being denied necessary treatment for gender reassignment"... is the leading reason why the military agreed to the treatments. I wonder what this will do to the argument that stress related to incarceration should be treated by early release from prison. What next, will we have to build a special facility at Leavenworth for trans-gender inmates? Will Chelsea need wigs and a pretty new dress or is s/he just trying to get moved to a women's prison. I'll bet there are lots of inmates at Leavenworth who would do most anything to get moved to a women's prison.

May 28, 2014
Edward Snowden - Self Proclaimed Patriot

How inflated our egos can become when we believe we are right and everyone else is wrong. Poor Edward Snowden. His story is now such that he believes himself a patriotic - that Americans need to know the truth no matter what the cost. If you try to blow the whistle using the prescribed reporting pathways and nobody listens, its OK to leak classified documents so that no matter what - you were right. Snowden didn't win Asshole Du Jour because of what he did, but because he wouldn't stand up for what he said was right and rather, fled to Russia to escape persecution. Sadly, what he did was largely meaningless. The NSA and government organizations will continue as they have since the beginning... to do whatever they want and bend the law to fit their purpose. And we will continue to 'believe' them ... or not. Do we really think that laws are created with mandatory ambiguity because the drafters of the laws are imbeciles? NO! It is all part of the plan. Ambiguity leads to loop holes and folks with money can hire lawyers to most excellently exploit those loop holes to meet their needs.

April 14, 2014
Frazier Glenn Cross, aka Glenn Miller, 73, arrested for killing 3 persons in Kansas City, Kansas in what is being touted as a hate crime. Here is a man who has spent the better part of his life shouting hate at the top of his lungs, largely focused on Jews and then anyone not white. An anti-Semite who salutes Hitler and makes Archie Bunker look like Mother Theresa. A leader of a Carolina Ku Klux Klan and other paramilitary groups, Cross shot a young boy and his grandfather to death outside a Jewish community center and then killed an old woman at a nearby Jewish assisted living facility.

This man of complex hate, in whom intolerance is his hallmark, will spend the rest of his racist, moribund life in prison for killing 2 methodists and a catholic. What an asshole.