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What is The Truth and then Shut Up

Listen to the radio, watch television news, or check out any of the major Internet news outlets for a very confusing picture of reality. We all know that Pres. Donald Trump is a bully and a blow hard and marches to the beat of a very unique drummer, but it's getting harder to know what's really going on in this country between the news outlets and the comedians. It would appear obvious that the DeVos nomination was largely because her family donates millions to the GOP, but is that really true? And thanks Mike Pence for providing her confirmation tie breaker. Seems to me we need to sit back and let the new cabinet be seated and let the true news reporters like Trevor Noah and SNL's Weekend Update provide our reality check. Scream all you want, Trump is going to get most of everything he wants... at least for now.

Thank You Red States

February 8, 2017



We celebrate independence and the abundance of freedom we enjoy as Americans remembering that equality is also a symbol of freedom, one we struggle tirelessly to achieve. Every American should have a right to a quality education, full time employment that pays a livable wage, the right to marry the partner of their choice and the right to competent, timely and affordable health care.